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essens-parfemy-vyber-sortimentuIn Essens we buy #perfumes , #cosmetics , products for #beauty and #health  ( Aloe vera, Colostrum, Probiotics ) with a discount and earn #money!
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Our Essens  #Products:

• Women`s Unique perfume
• Men`s Unique perfume
• ESSENS Perfume 50 ml of your choice
• ESSENS Perfume 15 ml of your choice
• Colostrum ESSENS 60 capsules
• Colostrum Anti Cellulite & Nourishing Cream
• Yogurt maker & Colostrum Probiotics 6 pcs.
• Colostrum Anti Aging Day & Night Cream
• Colostrum Anti Aging Tonic & Mild Soap
• Aloe vera drinking gel with grape juice 500 ml
• Aloe vera drinking gel with vitamin C 500 ml
• Aloe vera + Boswellia 60 capsules
• Aloe vera + Q10 60 capsules
• Aloe vera concentrate with herbal extracts 100 ml
• Aloe Vera Toothpaste
• Aloe Vera Shaving foam & Aloe After shave balm
• Aloe Vera Shampoo for all hair type & coloured hair
• Aloe Vera Toothpaste
• Aloe Vera Soft Spray
• Aloe Vera Deo Stick & Deo Roll-On
• Shower Gel 200 ml of your choice
• Body balm 200 ml of your choice
• Home Pharmacy:
Slim`SS, Slim`SS vit, Flow`EN for your legs, Head`ES
Essens ID: 10001234

Essens World - Perfumes - Essens ID: 10001234


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